Sunday, January 17, 2016

Total Body Chisel

Total body Chisel is day 19 of the masters of hammer and chisel. It is about 36 minutes long. Even though it is a total body workout I felt it mostly in my legs. 

The Moves

There are 3 round in this workout. Each round has 3 sets of 3 exercises that are 10 reps each. 

Round 1:

1. Squat

2. Bench Press 

3. Reverse Grip Row

Round 2:

1. Reverse Lunges (left/right)- 10 reps each side.

2. Incline Fly

3. Dumbbell Lat Pullover

Round 3:

1. Step Down to Cross Back (left/right)- Keep one foot on the bench and cross other leg back behind you like a curtsey lunge. 10 reps each side.

2. Incline Curl

3. Bench Tricep Dips

1 comment:

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