Monday, January 11, 2016

Iso Speed Hammer

The rest days are on Thursdays in the Masters in Hammer and Chisel which is great for me since I like to take my rest days on one of the days I have to work rather than my day off from work. So after a nice day off from waking up early to do a workout before work I did my day 5 workout, Iso Speed Hammer. The only thing I didn't like about this workout was that I struggled to keep up with the fast pace reps and keep form. I just kept my form and did as many as I could. If I do it on a day where I have more time I might pause to get in all the reps. The nice thing is that this workout is only about 24 minutes so if I just work my schedule out so I have an extra 6 or so minutes I can easily do all the reps. Usually I wake up at the last possible minute I have to in order to get my workout in, get ready, and eat my breakfast before I have to head to work. 

The Moves

You do the first 10 reps at a slow, 3 part pace, then you do 10 at a fast pace for all these moves. These moves really don't need much of an explanation. I used 10 lbs for most of them. 

1. Push up

2. Reverse Static Lunge

3. Chin ups- I used a resistance band with door attachment

4. Deadlift- For the speed round be sure to keep your form over going as fast as they go in the workout.

5. Side lateral raise- Raise arms straight up at your sides.

6. Sumo Squat

7. Rear Cross Delt Flys- Step on your resistance band, cross it in front of you and bend over and raise your arms out to sides.

8. Pistol Squats- Put one foot out in front of you and squat down without that foot touching the ground.

9. Curl Face Down- Lay face down on ball or on your bench (set it to a 45 degree angle I think, I used the ball) and curl weights up towards you. 

10. Calf Raises- Stand on bar on the bench and go up and down on your toes. I used weights to add resistance since my bench didn't work to stand on. 

11. Tricep Kikbackcs- Squat down a little and lean forward. Raise your arms straight up beside you so your elbows are parallel with you back and kick back the weight. I was only able to use 5 lb weights. 


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