Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hammer Build Up

Hammer Build Up is one of the deluxe workouts you can purchase with the masters of hammer and chisel. You can use this workout in place of some of the Hammer workouts on your workout schedule. I just did it for the first time today. I love that it goes at a quick pace so the 31 minutes goes by really fast. I also really liked that both Autumn and Sagi were in it. 

The Moves

This workout is broken into 7 rounds for some reason. You only do each move once for 30 seconds so I was confused as to why they had different rounds. You will use either you medicine ball or dumbbells. For some of the ones they used the ball in I could've used heavier weights so next time I will be using dumbbells for those moves.

Round 1

1. Squat- They used the ball, but that wasn't heavy enough for me so I will be using my 10 lb dumbbells next time and maybe even go up from there. 

2.Front Back Lunge (Right)- Lunge front then back. This was another one the used the ball on that I will be using my 10lbs for next time. 

3. Front Back Lunge (Left)- Same as above.

4. Step Up (Right/Left)- Keep one foot on bench and step other up and down. Do 15 seconds on each leg.

Round 2

1. Pull Up

2. Reverse Grip Row

3. Pull Over

4. Reverse fly

Round 3

1. 1 Hand Push Up (Right/Left)- Place one hand on the ball and other on the floor and do push ups. Switch the hand that is on the ball at the 15 second mark. I surprisingly didn't' struggle as much as I thought I would for this one.

2. Chest Fly

3. Feet on ball Push up- Unfortunately exactly what it sounds like. I was able to keep my balance enough for at least a few push ups. 

4. Incline Press

Round 4

1. Military Press- They used the ball but I will be using heavier weights next time. 

2. Lateral Raise

3. Upright Row

4. Anterior Raise- Hold ball in front of you and raise it to chin height. 

Round 5

1. Bicep Curl

2. Hammer Curl

3. Concentration Curl- 15 seconds right arm and 15 seconds left arm.

4. Rotation Curl- Rotate your hands up and hold your arms out to your side and curl.

Round 6

1. Tricep Dips

2. Tricep Kickbacks (Right)

3. Tricep Kickbacks (Left)

4. Skull Crusher- Lie on the floor or bench and hold your arms straight up. Bend at your elbow and lower the top part of your arm down without moving your elbows. 

Round 7

1. Plank Hold on Ball- Put your hands on the ball and hold a plank. Be prepared to shake!

2. Mountain Climber on Ball- Put your hands on the ball and do mountain climbers. 

3. Windshield Wiper (Right)- Sagi put the 8 lb medicine ball between his feet to do this. I couldn't do that so I just did it without anything. Put legs straight up in the air with your knees bent. Lower your legs to your tight side and back to center. 

4. Windshield Wiper (Left)- Same as above except you go to the left. 

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