Wednesday, July 10, 2013

T25 Day 10 Speed 1

Today I did T25 speed 1 again. I love this workout just because Shaun gives you short 30 second stretch breaks after a few minutes of intense exercises. Although the last 10 minutes suck because your heart rate skyrockets and doesn't go down until the last minute. Yesterday I did the Total Body Circuit workout in the morning and felt it all day at work. I love feeling sore after a workout though because it lets me know I actually did work hard and wasn't just thinking I did. 

Anyway my husband and I started our clean eating lifestyle together Sunday. Today's dinner didn't turn out as planned so we are cheating on dinner. I haven't had much to eat all day though so hopefully I don't eat more than the calories I burned today with my workout. Sunday we did steak and cooked zucchini with a horseradish/ sour cream sauce to dip them in. The steak and zucchini were great! I didn't care too much for the sauce, but that just means fewer necessary calories so that's fine with me. Yesterday we did an egg, bacon, and spinach stuffed potato which was pretty good.  A fully loaded fattening stuffed potato that didn't have most of the actually potato scooped out would've been a 100 times better, but at least it was filling and didn't send me to the kitchen looking for a snack right before bed. Today's meal was supposed to be salmon... We used lime instead of lemon juice like the recipe called for and I guess that's what messed it up. It didn't smell, look, or taste good so we through it out and my husbands picking up Japanese take out right now. I haven't been counting calories recently. I am planning on starting that back up tomorrow just so I know exactly how much food I am eating everyday. I know some days I probably eat too much and some days I eat too little so hopefully once I start counting my calories again I can balance out my diet a little more. I'm not being as strict as I was when I first started and allowing myself to have a cheat day because if I don't I know my husband will want to go back to eating out everyday because he gets really bad cravings for his fast food. If I have a cheat day with him at least I will not just pretend it didn't happen like I usually do when he convinces me to eat something I shouldn't. 

 Our healthy Shopping trip and the steak and zucchini we made:
 Egg, bacon, and spinach stuffed potato with a little bit of cheese:

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