Friday, April 5, 2013

Fresh Start...

I have been really struggling with my allergies these past few weeks so that's why I haven't been writing (or working out or dieting...) I barely had enough energy to get through work so trying to argue with my husband on what we were going to have for dinner seemed like too much work. I've eaten out a lot more than I should've. Since this past Monday I've already cheated on 3 meals... I'm really dissappointed in myself. I'm going to try to really get my diet back on track next week. I'm thinking of maybe doing the Shakeology 3 day cleanse just to get all the toxins from this unhealthy food out of my system and to help me start eating healthy again. On Monday I restarted my Insanity/ ChaLEAN Extreme hybrid and have been following along with it all week. With work and other things I've had to do this week I haven't had a chance to share. In just the 5 days that I've worked out so far it feels like doing 2 weeks of just ChaLEAN Extreme. Insanity really works my leg muscles plus gets my heart rate up so I am loving doing that 3 days a week, then I have 3 days of ChaLEAN Extreme to help build up my arm muscles. I have really been pushing myself through the Insanity workouts. I don't allow myself to pause and if I want a break I give myself a few seconds to breathe and then keep pushing through. 

This week Schedule is:
  • ChaLEAN Burn Circuit 1 and Ab Burner
  • Insanity Plyo Cardio Circuit
  • ChaLEAN Burn Circuit 2
  • Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance
  • ChaLEAN Burn Circuit 3 and Insanity Cardio Abs
  • Insanity Pure Cardio (only one I have left for this week)
Changing my whole lifestyle is harder than I thought it was going to be. I was doing fine until temptation started getting harder to resist when my husband got home. He held a jersey mikes sub up to my face until I would take a bite a few days after I got home. I really wish he would be more supportive. He will talk like he's all ready to get healthy with me then the next day he talks about all this junk food until I agree to eat some! It's really hard to change your eating habits when the person who made you eat bad in the first place tempts you until you eat something bad for you. I'm hoping soon all his talk about eating healthy and working out will actually become a reality... At least I'm doing the workouts even though my healthy eating diet is pretty messed up right now.

A few days ago in the mail I did get a nice surprise that was very motivating and made me want to make sure I got back in good shape again! It was my Insanity T-shirt. It really makes me want to workout every day so I look even better than the first time and can actually wear the shirt. Right now I feel like I can't because I need to lose weight and tone up a lot to look like I actually earned it. 

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