Thursday, March 21, 2013

Working out with Allergies...

Well I barely slept last night because my allergies started acting up. The pollen here is terrible and since I'm allergic to it I'm surprised it didn't bother me sooner. I bought some allergy medicine and I'm feeling better now just a little tired from the medicine. Anyway I started my workout. I did Burn Intervals. I only made it 15 mins into the workout before my husband texted me and told me his plane landed and he needed picked up in an hour. I stopped then and showered so I had time to get there. It was earlier than I thought it was supposed to be. Even if he hadn't texted me I probably only would've made it another 15 minutes at the most since I was having so much trouble breathing. My allergies are making my head and throat hurt so I was just glad I at least did something today. I have to work tomorrow so I'm really hoping I'm better by then. I may try and workout before work just because now that Blaine, my husband, is home I know if he's home when I get home from work I will most likely get distracted and not do my workout. So the workout in the morning really depends on how I feel when I wake up. Since I'm probably going to bed here shortly I may be able to get up earlier which means I may even have time to do the last 30 minutes of my workout from today. I am just really hoping my allergies go away soon because I have no energy to do anything when I have them.

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